Manufacture of Zinc in Great Britain
William Champion's Zinc Process

Author: Mosselman

This sheet gives an integral English translation of the original French article in the Annales des Mines, Tome X (1825). It offers a well-illustrated and concise description of Champion's method of smelting metallic zinc from calamine stone. He used a conical kiln, similar to those employed in glassworks, potteries and the cementation of steel. Champion's well-guarded secret was the continuous tapping of zinc reduced from the ore into separate condensers placed below the reduction pots. Mosselman blows the secret. He precisely describes how the calamine has to be prepared and how the smelting operation is to be conducted. He also gives information on workforce, output and costs. Finally, the use of zincblende instead of calamine is discussed.


The text is illustrated by 5 Figures with extensive captions, explaining the construction of the kiln, the reduction pots and condensers, and some tools.

Part of our Metallurgical Reprint Series.

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